In this section, we will post additional data related to each of the stories in our series. They can be downloaded in Excel spreadsheet format and, in some cases, in .pdf format.

Part I – Facing the Future


Major Indices. Contains spreadsheets with county-by-county data on each of the indices used to create a single-score ranking for counties.  The spreadsheet has four tabs with data: population, poverty rate, Median Household Income, level of education and real estate sale prices. Download here.


Poverty by Age Cohort. A county-by-county listing of those living at or below the poverty level by age cohorts. Download here.


Part II – The Grey Tsunami

Population Basics. Includes data on race, population growth/decline and fertility rates. Download here.

Population by Age Cohorts. The population of each county over time using age cohorts.  The spreadsheet is keyed to a list of counties over 65 populations, ranked from highest percentage of 65+ to lower.  Download here.

Part III– Makers & Takers

Taxes by County. Data from the state Revenue Department on all consumer taxes paid by county. Revenue from additional sales taxes levied in Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties is not included. Download here.


Grants by Department. A list of state grants by department.  Includes one column of money from the state’s general fund, one column on money from other funds, plus a grand total for each department. Download here.


Grants by County. A detailed list of each grants that goes to counties, listed by department.  This spreadsheet divides the counties into alphabetical clusters. Download here.

Part IV – Education - Promises Made, Promises Broken


Per Pupil Expenditures. The amount spent per student in each of the state’s 500 school districts, ranked from highest to lowest. Larger districts (10,000+) are in boldface. Download here.

Educational Programs. A list of basic educational programs subsidized by the state. Includes both the state subsidy and other programs. Download here. 

Enrollment Trends. Enrollment trends by county over a five-year period. Download here.

                                        Enrollment trends by district. Download here.


Hispanic Enrollment. A list of districts with the highest Hispanic enrollment in the state.  Download here.